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Inventory Management | Functional Practice EHR

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory, create reports, increase your sales.

Functional Practice EHR allows you to have full control of your inventory

  Barcode Scanning

Create customized barcodes that allow for faster checkout

  Track your orders

Keep tighter control over your inventory through specialized inventory report. This allows you to know when to place an order.

  Provider Income Reports

Are your providers’ commission based? No worries! Just generate our reports!

  Products Revenue

Get detailed reports on product’s sales. Track revenue on what’s selling vs what’s not selling for better inventory management.

  Statistic Reports

Access a full array of statistic and entrepreneur report to help you better manage what services are most effective in your office.

  Services Revenue

Track your revenue based on services provided.

  Re-order Warnings

Automated notifications can be set up when your inventory is running low for better product inventory management.

Patients can access your custom online store

Add and remove supplements to your store at the touch of a button, allow your patients to process their orders online with minimum staff downtime.