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Patients | Functional Practice EHR


Keep track of all your patients.

Manage your patients with ease and organization.

  Lab Timeline

Easily track your patients’ labs and management of labs with a custom timeline.                  


Create custom templates for notes, treatment plans, recommendations and wellness programs


Upload and store all patients labs, medical records, and documents on one secure location with unlimited cloud storage.

  To Do List

Easily create a task for staff members that can be tracked within the system based on date, importance, etc.


All staff can log patients’ interactions directly. Logs become a part of your patient’s record for easy tracking and customer service.

  EHR Management

Fully HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record system allowing for custom annotation, custom notes and documentation


Create custom protocols for patients that have the ability to send reminders regarding supplementation and timing.

The ultimate patient management and tracking software available on the market today.

Functional Practice EHR allows you to keep track of your patient’s labs, notes, progress during care, as well to create tracking elements on your patients so no one falls through the cracks, all of this features are available from your phone, tablet, and computer.