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Portal App | Functional Practice EHR


Connect with your patients immediately

Connect with your patient, send reminders, results, promotions.

  Your Branding

Customize your app using your own branding or clinic logo, color schema, etc.

  Appointment Schedule

Send an appointment reminders to your patients to improve compliance and reduce miss-appointments.

  Resource Library

Provide recipes, nutritional advice, exercise plans, and clinical protocols with your patients directly.

  Increase Patient Compliance

Communicate with your patients directly through the app using push notifications, store patient protocols in the app so patients can access them directly.

  Collect Information

Patients can use our app to log vital signs, weight, and other biometrics.

  Blog Notifications

Directly send notifications to your patients any time you have new information to share.

  Supplement Intake Reminder

Patients receive automated reminders on when to take their supplements.

  Document Sharing

Share patients labs results and supplement protocols in one location

  Instant Messaging

Directly message your patients through the portal to their phone. Send appointments reminders or information about office sales directly to your patient. 

Your personalized app.

Our software allows you to create a personalized app for your patients to access their health records 24/7 without hindering your staff. Additionally, the software allows your patients to access their records and protocols through their computer or mobile device.